2021 US Underwater Rugby Nationals – Denver, CO

By Timmy Burke

Congratulations to all USA UWR Athletes who completed and assisted in the 2021 UWR National Championships in Thornton, Colorado on November 13-14, 2021. Thanks to the huge effort by Katrina Finlay and the Colorado UWR club, USA UWR Nationals was an outstanding success. As you know, the 2020 Nationals were cancelled and it required some heavy lifting with short notice by Colorado UWR to ensure the 2021 event was to happen. The facility was outstanding and Colorado also ensured that CMAS Qualified referees were on hand which is always desired.

There were 12 teams total: 8 teams in the Open Division and 4 teams in the Women’s Division. We also had 2 new UWR Clubs competing at the Tournament (Colorado and Tallahassee). The level to which the new teams played was immense and bodes well for USA UWR going forward. Both the Women’s and Men’s USA National Teams had tryouts the Friday before which will help in the effort for the 2023 World Championships. 

The women’s teams who competed were the Amazons, Colorado, Hammerheads and Makos, with Colorado winning the 2021 Women’s National Champions.  In the Open Division, the competing teams were Colorado, DC Tallahassee, Hammerheads, Hammerheads B, Krakens, Narwhals, Newark, and Sea Bass, with the Hammerheads as the 2021 National Champions, We look forward to 2022, with tournaments in Newark and Coral Springs already being scheduled!

Standings and Statistics HERE


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