2022 UWR Florida Cup

The new UWR club Florida Inter organized the 2022 Florida Cup, event parallel to the USA Finswimming World Cup that took place at the Coral Springs Aquatic Complex in Florida.

Eight teams in the Mixed division and three from the Women division competed along two USA men teams and one USA women team as preparation for the 2023 World Championships in Montreal Canada.

The US national teams participated only in the group stage while only the club teams follow to the semifinals and finals of the competition. Teams from abroad where invited but the current political situation around the world have impacted the appointments for visas and only a few players with previously issued visas where able to travel, most of them reinforcing the local teams.

In the mixed division the top seeded club team in group A, NUWR from New Jersey had a smooth classification defeating all the other club teams ( Boston, NJ hammerheads B, Fl Inter B) and only loosing to the USA Red team. On group B, and the current USA National Champion NJ hammerheads won all the games against the club teams in their group (FL Inter A, Tallahassee, SF Pulpos) and also the USA Blue team.

Semifinal matches had NUWR playing against the hosts Florida Inter A were NUWR got a 4-0 win and advanced to the finals later on Sunday. The other semi-final had for the first time two teams from the same club, NJ Hammerheads A and NJ Hammerheads B who make history qualifying to semi-finals after a tie in points to Boston and only one goal on the differential gave them the spot to play against their A team. NJ Hammerheads A got a well fought game and victory of 10-0.

The final game had the top two teams from New Jersey, NUWR and NJ Hammerheads on which Hammerheads got the lead 1-0 on the first half, and early on the second half got and advantage of 2-0 which at the end lead the Hammerheads to win the gold and keep the momentum on top of UWR in the US.

On the women’s division, The NJ Hammeheads Women got their first gold medal after several tournament participations on the young ladies tournaments in the US. On the group stage, the Hammerheads lost only to the NUWR team 0-2, the getting a tie 1-1 on their second round robin game, and finally meeting again on the final game for the gold on which the teams got a goaless match that ended up on a series of penalty throws that also ended in a tie 2-2. Later going to the one round penalty throws, the Hammerhads finally defeated NUWR with a 0(3)-0(2) score.

1st Place Mixed Division – NEW JERSEY HAMMERHEADS A
2nd Place Mixed Division – NUWR
3rd Place Mixed Division – Florida Inter A
1st Place Women Division – NEW JERSEY HAMMERHEADS W
2nd Place Women Division – NUWR W
3rd Place Women Division – CT Makos W

The USA UWR committee decided that the following tournament will be the 2022 USA National Championship to take place in New Haven Connecticut in September. This event will serve as the qualification event to participate on this year’s Champions Cup in Berlin late in November.

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