Underwater Rugby is a team sport played in a swimming pool of 10-15 feet deep (3.5 – 5.0 mt.). Two teams (blue and white) of 6 players (plus 6 substitutes) dive and the objective is to score by putting a rubber ball (filled with salted water for negative buoyancy) into the opponent’s goal (a round metal basket on the bottom, at the opponent’s side of the pool)

The game has very little in common with land rugby except for the name. Although it is a contact game; rules, equipment  and especially the environment (water) prevent injuries.  Game play is based on passing and keeping possetion of the ball and team strategy to try to score.

On average each player is underwater for about 10-15 seconds, two or three times before going out of the water and changing with a substitute. Playing UWR relies more on how well you position yourself tridimensionally as part of a team strategy for short periods of time, rather than holding your breath for a long time.

The Frequent Asked Questions section offers information about who we are, and what rules are to be followed whenever one plays the game. There is a well a section that talks about the game, strategies and brief history. Finally , there is a form if you want to get in touch with us.

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