International Tournaments

USA National teams have taken part in three UW Rugby World Championships and one Open European Championship for Juniors.

10th. Underwater Rugby U21 Open European Championship 2016 –  Sandefjord, Norway.

First participation ever of a junior’s team on an international CMAS event

Group Results: 

USA  0 – 22  Colombia

USA  2 – 20  Norway

USA  2 – 10  Sweden

Semifinal (5-8 pl):

USA  2 – 12 Denmark

Final (7-8 Pl):

USA  1 – 13  Sweden



10th. Underwater Rugby World Championship 2015 –  Cali, Colombia.

Third participation for the men’s team and second World Championship participation for the women’s team, but this time with a full team.

Group Results: 

(m) men games, (w) women games, (bold) winner

(m) USA  1-10 Austria                          (w)  USA  0-18  Denmark

(m) USA  0-11  Sweden                       (w)  USA  0-27 Norway

_________________                           (w) USA  0-31 Germany

Quarter Finals Results:

(m) USA 20-0  South Africa

Semi Finals Results:

(m) USA 2-1  Australia

Finals Results:

(m) USA 1-0  Spain                                   (w) USA  2-8  Australia

________________                                 (w) USA  1-5  Venezuela



7th. Underwater Rugby World Championship 2003 –  Fredericia, Denmark.
The USA Women’s National team took 6th place among seven contenders, while the Men’s team placed 10th among eleven competitors.

Group Results:

(m) USA  2-8  Switzerland                          (w)  USA  0-58  Norway

(m) USA  0-14  Colombia                            (w)  USA  0-35  Colombia

(m) USA  0-21  Germany                               (w) USA  0-17  Denmark

(m) USA  1-8  Czech Republic

(m) USA 0-12  Sweden

Final Results:

Men 9-11th place                                           Women 6-9 place

(m) USA 2-1  Turkey                                     (w) USA  4-2  Turkey


6th. Underwater Rugby World Championship 1999 – Essen, Germany.
The USA Men’s National team took 8th place among eight contenders.

Group Results:

(m) USA  0-23  Norway

(m) USA  0-22  Germany

(m) USA  0-11  Austria

(m) USA  0-23  Denmark

(m) USA  0-20  Czech Republic

(m) USA  0-11  Colombia

Final Results (7-8th place):

(m) USA  2-5  Austria

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