North American UWR Tournaments

National Tournament (NT)? North AMerican League (NAL)?

The US Underwater Rugby Commission decided for the 2018-2019 Season to have a new format for the National competitions in the US.

National Tournament (NT)

The US National Champion will be decided by having the US National Tournament divided in three (3) rounds throughout the year . Each round will be hosted by a different club with the idea of rotating the host clubs and geographical areas.

For the National Tournaments Canadian and foreign teams will be allowed to participate, their performance awarded, but No points given to them for the US National Ranking

North american league (Nal)

Rather than dismantling the very successful tournament format that has developed UW Rugby  on both sides of the US Canadian border, the former North American League (NAL) played between US and Canadian teams during four (4) events per year, has been reduced to two (2) events per year, having one event in the US and one in Canada. This will help our Canadian counterparts to push for their own Canadian Nationals events.

The NAL-US event will be one of the US National Tournaments Rounds (NT), that will count for both NT and NAL.


For 2018-19 the hosts will be:

  • 23rd North American Tournament – NT (NUWR) @ Newark, NJ – USA
  • 24th North American Tournament – NT / NAL-US (Boston Narwhals) @ Quincy, MA – USA
  • 25th North American Tournament – NT (Florida Krakens) @ Pompano Beach, FL – USA
  • 26th North American Tournament – NAL-Can (Toronto Raccoons) @ Toronto, ON -Canada



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