27th North American Tournament – Newark 2020

This past weekend, the New Jersey Hammerheads Club had the honor to host the first UWR event of 2020. The 27th North American Tournament and USA round of the North American League for UW Rugby.

Two new records were set on North American tournaments, the first one,  five clubs participated with A and B teams, and also this was the tournament with the most number of teams on the open division, 12 teams. Unfortunately, the women’s division didn’t take place as only two women teams registered (CT Makos and NJ Hammerhead Ladies) although they had an exhibition game, won by the current US Champions, CT Makos 3-0 over the Hammerheads Ladies. Their second exhibition game on Sunday was canceled due to time constraints.
The 12 participating teams were divided into three groups: Group A: with Boston Nw, DC Dev, NUWR A, NJ Hammerheads B; Group B: NJ Hammerheads A, Camo, CT Makos A, NUWR B; Group C: Florifornia (mixed team from California and Florida), DC Adv, Boston Fw, CT Makos B
Group A was led by NUWR A team winning all their games and followed by the Boston Narwhals FW team. The Narwhals participated this time with two even teams rather than an A & B team. The NJ Hammerheads B team secured the 3rd place in the group after defeating the DC DEV team.
Group B was dominated by the NJ hammerheads A team winning all their games and followed by the Canadian club, CAMO. The Makos B won over Newark B getting 3rd place in the group
Group C had the mixed team Florifornia on 1st place over Boston Narwhals FW. qualifying both teams to semi-finals. DC ADV team got 3rd place over the CT Makos B team.

Final Game – NJ Hammerheads A (white) vs NUWR A (blue) The Hammerheads won over NUWR by 2-1

The semifinals had three games that qualified their respective winners to a Final triangular round for (1st-3rd place) and their losers to a final triangular round for (4th-6th place). The rest of the teams on 3rd place and 4th place on their groups qualified directly final triangular rounds for (7th-9th) and (10th-12th) respectively.
Semis started with very exciting games. SF1 had the host team NJ hammerheads A defeating Boston narwhals FW by a clear 4-0. SF2 was won by Florifornia over Boston Narwhals NW by 2-0 on a more disputed game. SF3 was decided on the favor of NUWR A over CAMO by a clear 3-0 score. With these results, NJ Hammerheads A, Florifornia and NUWR A teams qualified for the final games for 1-3 places
On the first final game NJ Hammerheads was dominating the game by  2-0 and NUWR A managed to score with a few minutes left to attempt the equalizer at the lend NJ hammerheads led the game getting their first 3 points. On the second game, NUWR A met Florifornia and got a very exciting victory 3-1 over the mixed team. Then NUWR A had to wait for the final round game between NJ Hammerheads A and Florifornia to see their final position on the tournament. This last game came closer and more disputed than expected only decided by a penalty throw in favor of the Hammerheads on which their forward and coach Juan Riomaña were able to score for a final victory 1-0 over Florifornia.
The final positions of the 27th North American Tournament and US round of the North American League were:
  1. NJ Hammerheads A
  2. NUWR A
  3. Florifornia
  4. CAMO
  5. Boston Narwhals NW
  6. Boston Narwhals FW
  7. DC Devilrays ADV
  8. CT Makos A
  9. NJ Hammerheads B
  10. NUWR B
  11. CT Makos B
  12. DC Devilrays DEV

Top Scorers:

  1.  Daniel Lopez (NUWR A) 18
  2. Juan Riomaña (NJ Hammerheads A) 15
  3. Mike Picot (Boston Narwhals FW) 8
  4. Timmy Burke (Boston Narwhals NW) 8
  5. Cesar Florez (CAMO) 7
Top Scorer Team:
  1. NUWR A 37
  2. NJ Hammerheads A 32
  3. Florifornia 25
Best Defense Team:
  1. NJ Hammerheads A  1
  2. NUWR A  4
  3. Florifornia 7

This event was the first of the US round of the North American League UWR for 2020. The Canadian round will take place in the second semester of 2020 in a city TBD soon.

For full results of this tournament and stats of the NAL 2020 Click HERE

1st Place - New Jersey Hammerheads A

1st Place – New Jersey Hammerheads A

2nd Place – NUWR A

3rd Place – Florifornia Mix

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