24th National Tournament Underwater Rugby – Boston 2019

The 2018-19 US Underwater Rugby Season continued during the weekend of February 15-16 in Quincy, Massachusetts hosted for the second time by the Boston Narwhals.

Its been a while since the Boston Narwhals hosted the 2nd North American tournament back in 2012. US UW Rugby has grown since then, where only 4 US clubs, a mixed (orphan) team and 2 Canadian clubs participated. The mixed orphan team surprised everyone winning the tournament.

This time 8 teams on the open division and 5 teams in the women’s division (including a Canadian female team for the first time!) met to compete in what became a very exiting UWR weekend.

The open division was divided into two groups on which the runners-up from the last tournament the NJ Hammerheads met the CT Makos, Toronto UWR and Boston Narwhals B. Group B had the defending champions Boston Narwhals A, CAMO RS, Florida Krakens and SF Sea Bass.

Group A was dominated by HJ Hammerheads followed by the CT Makos. Group B was very competitive and games came with very tight scores, qualifying the Boston Narwhals A and Florida Krakens to semifinals.

The open division semifinal games had Boston Narwhals A beating CT Makos by 6-0 and on a close game the NJ hammerheads beat Florida Krakens by 1-0 in the last minute of the game

The final was again a very disputed game between the hosts Boston Narwhals A and NJ Hammerheads. The Narwhals took the lead early on the game with a quick counter-strike by Mateo Galeano, followed by a second goal five minutes later by the other Galeano brother, Tomas for a 2-0 lead. The Hammerheads responded 30 second later with a quick goal before the end of the first half and the score of 2-1.

The second half was extremely disputed and time-penalties affected both teams performances but at the end it was the Boston Narwhals that were able to keep the score to their advantage and winning the Second Round of the 2018-19 Season.

On the ladies side the CT Makos participated with 2 teams, along with the Boston Narwhals, DC UWR and for the first time a Canadian team (CAMO RS) participated on the women’s tournament on a big effort to have a first step towards the development of a Canadian Women’s team and future league.

The very young CT Makos A team dominated the round robin with only a tough and disputed  game against the Boston Narwhals ladies, that the Makos won 4-3. On the final game these two teams met again but with a very clear superiority on the game by the CT Makos winning easily by 5-1.

The top Scorer player on the Open Division was Juan Pablo Riomaña from the NJ Hammerheads and on the women’s division Charlene Carmona from the CT Makos A


First place Open Div. – Boston Narwhals A

Second place Open Div. – NJ Hammerheads

Third place Open Div. – Florida Krakens


First place Women Div. – CT Makos A

Second place Women Div. – Boston Narwhals

Third place Women Div. – DC UWR

Top Scorer Women Division
Charlene Carmona
CT Makos A

Top Scorer Open
Juan Pablo Riomaña
NJ Hammerheads

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