22nd North American UW Rugby Tournament – Toronto 2018

During the weekend of August 18-19 the 22nd. North American Underwater Rugby tournament was held at the Donald D. Summerville pool in downtown Toronto.

The second time of this summer tournament in the city of Toronto, Canada brought four (4) teams from the USA and four (4) from Canada. American teams from  Washington DC (DC-UWR), New Jersey ( NJ Hammerheads), Boston (Boston Narwhals), and the USA women team participated on this edition. Canadian teams from Montreal (CAMO RS), Brantford (Brantford UWR), Toronto (Toronto Raccoons) and Timmins, a brand new Canadian team that made its debut in the North American League.

The New Canadian Club Timmins Torpedoes

The Timmins Torpedoes with the nice logo and uniform, came all the way from far North Canada to play their first tournament. They are a great example of sport development in the community, willing to learn and grow.

All 8 teams played in 2 groups to define the ranking to play the semifinals. After the first round of games the top 4 teams were decided to play the semifinals  (Boston and Toronto from group A) and CAMO and Hammerheads from group B.

Two really intense and even final matches were played. Boston vs Toronto for played for the bronze on a second game after having played previously during the group round. Toronto beat the current NAL Champions Boston in a dramatic way after being twice under 0-1 and 1-2 on the score and finally winning 3-2 . A similar dramatic final game for the gold happened between Montreal and the Hammerheads. During the group round both teams played the first game and the Hammerheads won 3-2 after a half time in favor of CAMO by 0-2. The final game was even more competitive and only a small mistake by the Hammerheads at the end of the 2nd half allowed Montreal to take the gold with a final score of 1-0.

1st Place – CAMO RS

2nd Place – New Jersey Hammerheads

3rd Place – Toronto Raccoons


The Toronto Raccoons appreciate the participation of all clubs to this event and hope to see you in the next competition.

This was the last NAL tournament of the 2017-18 Season on which Boston Narwhals secured the 2017-18 NAL Championship title despite showing a mixed team and making no points under the NAL rules on this round. The Narwhals secured the NAL Championship title for the season with the points earned during the previous rounds of this season.

On the top scorer player Juan Pablo Riomaña from the New Jersey Hammerheads won the top scorer player award for this tournament with almost 10 goals over the second top scorer Marco Cardona from CAMO, and this difference helped him get the Top Scorer Award for the 2017-18 NAL Season

22nd NAL – Toronto 2018 Results here

2017-18 NAL season final Results here

October will be the start of the new 2018-19 Season on a location to be decided soon.


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