The New Jersey Hammerheads are ready for Berlin

The top US Underwater Rugby team, the New Jersey Hammerheads will participate in the 2014 Champions Cup in Berlin, the most important Underwater Rugby Club tournament in the world.

The Champions Cup was originally named the “Masters Cup” in 1987 by the German Club F.S. Duisburg. It is a yearly tournament that invites the champion team from each country. In 1999 the tournament was renamed “Champions Cup” and in 2004 the women’s tournament was held for the first time.

The  New Jersey Hammerheads are already making history being the first team from the US participating in this top level tournament. During 2014 the NJ team finished 3rd. on the Canam UWR Tournament held in Milwaukee early in february. Later on March the Hammerheads got second place at the 7th North American UWR tournament in Montreal on which Club Camo from Montreal got the first place. Recently the NJ team won the first place on the 8th NA UWR tournament held in Toronto last October after winning on a couple of exciting games to their long time rivals Club Camo. The main objective of this participation is to gain expericence with the highest level clubs in UW Rugby today, as Molde from Norway (the current  and 4th consecutive winner of this tournament), Bamberg (Germany), Orcas (Colombia) among others.

2014 will be a record year for the Champions Cup. A total of 14 men’s and 12 women’s teams representing equal number of nations  will participate to fight for the gold.

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