2023 USA Underwater Rugby Nationals – Arlington, VA

The DC Devilrays from the Washington DC area, are hosting for the first time an Underwater Rugby event and for such especial event they secured a brand new pool, the Long Bridge Aquatic & Fitness Center, which seems to be a promising and amazing venue for the sport on the Northeast.

Eight mixed teams and four women’s team will compete for the USA National Champion titles.

Participating teams:


  • NUWR Sea Lions A (defending champions)
  • NJ Hammerheads
  • DC Devilrays
  • Boston Narwhals
  • CT Makos
  • NUWR Sea Lions B
  • Dist. Callihassee (mixed)
  • Dist. Tallahammer (mixed)


  • NJ Hammerheads (defending champions)
  • CT Makos
  • DC Devilrays
  • Colorado


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