First US Men’s UW Rugby team Try-outs for Austria 2019 WC

The Road to Austria 2019 for the US men’s team started this past Saturday March 25th in Newark, New Jersey scheduled as the first of a series of try-out events in the US for 2018.

22 players from a pool of 41 candidates from 4 clubs participated in this event directed by the US National UWR Coach Jose Echeverry who was reappointed as Head Coach last year. The players from Boston Narwhals, Florida Krakens, New Jersey Hammerheads and NUWR did some physical tests  on a early session and finished the day with a series of games and drills, closely observed by Coach Echeverry.

The goal for this new US Men’s team is to get a better final ranking on the Austrian World Championship next year improving the 9th place from the previous World Championship in Cali, Colombia 2015. In word from Coach Echeverry “the goal this time is to improve and be a serious contender to the top world UWR teams”

Special thanks to the City of Newark and the department of Recreation and Cultural affairs for their constant support.

The second try-outs are scheduled for Friday May 25th in pompano Beach, Florida prior to the 21st North American UW Rugby Tournament – Pompano Beach 2018 (3rd round of the NAL Season) Invitation to this tournament following this link

1st US UW Rugby Men’s team try-outs in New Jersey looking forward to Austria 2019 WC


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