The Newark Hammerheads win the 10th. North American UW Rugby Tournament

For the third time in a row The NJ Hammerheads from Newark NJ won the North American Underwater Rugby Tournament this time in Montreal Canada, hosted by Club Camo during the weekend of May 30-31.

The tournament had the participation of 5 teams from the US and Canada. Club Camo as the host club from Montreal, and for the first time Toronto UWR participated with two teams giving the oportunity to experienced players in one team as well as recretional and new players on their second team. From the US the NJ Hammerheads came to Montreal to defend their recent title obtained during the past NA UWR tournament in Newark, NJ. and last but not least the Orphan team or ROW team (Rest of the World) the mixed team with participants from Boston, Connecticut, Florida and NJ.

The tournament began with a round robin on Saturday on  which the Hammerheads got first place of the group undefeated, Club Camo ended in second place and Toronto Raccoons came on third place. The Saturday schedule also allowed for a last training between team Canada and team USA before their participation on the World Championship in Cali Colombia this summer.

Sunday games began with a triangular to decide 3rd, 4th and 5th place between the Orphan team, Toronto Raccoons and Toronto Seals.

The 3rd place was decided in a very closed and strong game between the Orphan team and Toronto Raccoons, on which Toronto beat Orphans by 4-3, same score than on their previous group game.

The final game between Club Camo an the NJ Hammerheads was a very exciting and strong game. During the group round the NJ Hammerheads defeated Camo by a clear 4-0, but Camo got organized to play the final in a different way and try to win the title on which Camo has been runner ups for the last two NA Championships.

The final game was very extremely intense and even during the first half on which the Hammerheads got a lead for 2-1. After half time Club Camo tried to tie the game but the Hammerheads kept their strong defense until two penalties were awarded to Camo. At the end the Hammerheads defeated Camo by 5-3 retaining the North American Championship title.

1st Place - Newark NJ Hammerheads

1st Place – Newark NJ Hammerheads

The award for the best team defense was given to the NJ Hammerheads as well as the top scorer team.

The top scorer player was Justin Bees from the Orphans team with 12 goals, followed by Daniel Naujoks from NJ Hammerheads and Marco Cardona from Camo with 9 goals. Mike Picot from the Orphan team goth 4th place with 8 goals and Gord Lemon 5th place.

All the 10th NA UWR results and standings here!

2nd Place - Club Camo

2nd Place – Club Camo

3rd Place - Toronto UWR Raccoons

3rd Place – Toronto UWR Raccoons

The North American UW Rugby tournament was established by Canadian and US teams four years ago as a way to promote and develop the sport between US and Canadian Clubs, after the failed attempt to participate in the 9th World Championships in Finland. Now happily after the 10th edition of the North American UW Rugby Tournament, participation on the Word Championship will be a reality for the US men’s and women’s team since their last appearance in 2003, and for team Canada this will be their first international participation.

The 11th edition of the North American Underwater Rugby tournament is scheduled for October 17-18, 2015, to be held in Brantford, Ontario. The organizers hope to have many more teams with the East Haven Makos (Connecticut), Quincy Narwhals (Massachusetts) and newly formed teams as the San Francisco Giant Sea Basses and  the Santa Barbara Chachalots (California).

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