CAMO wins the 5th North American Underwater Rugby Tournament

During the weekend of May 4th, 2013, Club Camo from Montreal hosted the 5th version of the North American Underwater Rugby Tournament.

Participant teams from Canada (Camo A, Liberation and Camo B) and  USA (New Jersey and Quincy UWR) played a qualifying round robin from which the first two teams would play the final game for first place, while the other three teams would play a final round robin for the 3rd place.

Club Camo participated with two teams being CAMO A the most experienced and CAMO B,  a team of a few experienced players and mostly new and underwater hockey players participating on a UWR tournament for the first time.

Camo A team was very strong during the tournament and won the first place in the final game defeating the New Jersey Hammerheads 4.1

New Jersey was also strong during the tournament but lost twice against the host team Camo A, loosing their first game in the round robin by 0-3

Quincy UWR qualified third on the round robin and on the final round robin for 3rd place defeated Club liberation and Camo B.

Camo B, the team with mostly underwater hockey players was the surprise team when they won their only game in the final round robin against Club Liberation 4.3 in a very excitng game, getting the final 4th place of the tournament.

Club Liberation with only seven players got fifthplace, but defeated Camo B in the first round 6.2.

This was the first time that “top scorer “and “best defense” awards were given on a NA UWR tournament.

Final Standings

1st. CAMO A (Montreal, QB Canada)

2nd. New Jersey Hammerheads (New Jersey, USA)

3rd. Quincy UWR (Boston, MA, USA)

4th. Camo B (montreal, QB, Canada)

5th. Liberation (Brantford, ON, Canada)
Best defense was awarded to CAMO A with only one goal against.

Top scorer was awarded to Tim Burke from Quincy UWR (Boston) with 13 goals

The following confirmed NA UWR Tournament is as of today Brantford, ON, Canada on October 4th-5th 2013 and hosted by Club Liberation.


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