3rd. North American Underwater Rugby Tournament Results

The third North American Underwater Rugby Tournament was hosted by Club CAMO Montréal the past June 23 2012. Despite several players and clubs couldn’t attend the event, the tournament was played with the participation of clubs from Canada and the USA: Hammerheads-New Jersey; Liberation-Brantford and CAMO-Montreal. It was a great opportunity to improve the level of the participants and motivate new rugby players to train harder for the next competition.

The tournament showed a high play level as well a remarkable technical advance in the participating teams. CAMO UW Rugby Club highlight by the event organization with a great scenario, logistic and a group of highly motivated new players who demostrated a remarkable progress.

Liberation team showed an outstanding improvement that allowed them to play an unforgettable match against CAMO; in the very last minute Liberation score and won this close game 4-3.ress in this tournament.

Finally the New Jersey Hammerheads who had the smaller team with a couple of CAMO players, proved that with few players but a lot of heart you can win a tournament.

Official Results here: http://wp.me/P241bZ-6i

The next Tournament is scheduled for October 13-14 2012  and hosted by Liberation UWR in the city of Brantford, Ontario.

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